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Soooo vicodin is a lot like being drunk.


Gotta catch ’em all

Hi guys, this is just a quick post as we’ve got to dash out. But I’m turning to you for ideas.

In the Constitution Museum yesterday I nearly picked up a lapel pin with the state flag of Delaware, before realizing that it was one in a series, and picking it up would represent the state about as much as one of those awful flashing keyrings with your name on. In short, there was nothing stopping me buying all the states right there and then, and it wouldn’t have been at all different than obtaining them in the actual namesake.

I want something with a bit more charm to it, and preferably unique to the state. It needs to be small, a unifying theme would be a bonus, and also not too expensive. If you have an idea, or maybe just an idea for your own state, please do post in the comments here and we’ll see what the hive mind can muster.

Off to Philadelphia again!

Immigrant song

Well, this is it. It seems fitting that my departure from this green and pleasant land is marked – nay, protested – by the sibilant, persistant hiss of rain. Very British.

There’s little left to say for now. Today will be spent fixing all the last minute things one must fix, and packing. Packing packing packing.

I’ve been making a mental list of things I should keep in mind for the trip, by the way. So far:

– Be diplomatic.
– Maintain a polite and friendly demeanour.
– Avoid Ron Paul.
– Pretend I am related to Anthony Head at all times.
– Don’t have too purdy a mouth.
– Do not eat this.
– Avoid Ron Paul.
– Don’t mention the socialist conspiracy.
– Absolutely do not jaywalk.
– Avoid Ron Paul.

Any other suggestions?

Anyway, the next time I update, I shall be nestled in the cortex of your country, burrowing in.

But don’t worry! I’m benign!

See you in Philadelphia.

Clear the decks

Greetings all, today I finally put the finishing touches to my packing, and also sorted out my finances. I strongly recommend anyone else travelling to examine the options before trundling along with whoever they happen to be with (hint: I bank with Halifax). Pitfalls abound.

Anyhoo, I have begged, borrowed and stolen (and occasionally grudging purchased) everything that I think I should take. In what is clearly the most exciting post so far of this infant blog, I present to you the state of our guest room.



I know, I know, the frame clips off at the right. Sorry.

A distressing amount of this stuff seems to be first aid or otherwise medical, which makes me wonder what exactly it is that my mother thinks I’m going to be facing over there, but hey, Doctor’s son etc. I am taking suggestions for the bag’s name and reserve the right to tell you that you suck and your opinions suck.

Oh, and kudos to anyone who bothered to figure out that, yes, the house that side faces southeast.

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