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Economic mantras for fun and deficit

I have been doing my bit for the ailing British economy in preparation for my trip to America (lol), spending what seems like really unneccessary amounts on really neccessary items. Shoes, socks, shirts, swiss army knives – anything goes, so long as it begins with an S.

But I’m alright. I’ve come up with a mantra. Oh yes.

It’s okay, I’m saving on accommodation.

Because of the fine people tolerating my waifish European presence, I am saving a hefty chunk-o-cash that would otherwise be going on hotels, motels, campsites, etc. This is great! Takes a vast amount of my potential expenses out of the picture, and leaves me with more money to enjoy myself doing whatever it is I’ll end up doing over there. But there’s a pitfall here, and I can see it coming. It’ll start off small: I can grab another doughnut, it’s okay, I’m saving on accommodation. You know? I can totally stretch to that novelty cowboy hat, I’m saving on accommodation. I can afford that hot-air balloon trip. I can eat out at the Ritz. I can absolutely buy that motorcycle.

Before you know it, I’ll be standing on rain-lashed rock with crappy weather effects all around, whilst overseeing the airlifting of a gigantic mutant squid to a top-secret governmental research facility in Nevada.

But that’s okay.

Because I’ll be saving on accommodation.

Happy 4th July


I had originally intended to be over there by now, but had to postpone due to graduating on the 9th. Still, I suppose you probably would have just adhered to tradition and shot me.

(It’s okay, we were being dicks).

backpack run test: A model for a fair and occupationally relevant military fitness test, The

It has been pretty hot over the past week in sunny Englandshire, reaching – I am informed – a stonking 39C at Wimbledon. For reference, that’s the highest average peak temperature I should be facing (Las Vegas, for those curious). So I’ve been considering the week, in between roaming around shirtless indoors and downing glass after glass of various liquidities, a warm-up (lulz) for things Stateside.

I keep sticking to this blasted chair.

Things are happening

Would you credit it? It’s now only about two weeks until it’s time to say goodbye Picadilly and take off from Gatwick, westward across the Atlantic.

Preparations have been quietly perculating in the background. I’ve been confirming details with my various hosts, planning what things I’m going to have to pack, checking the sort of weather I’m going to have to be dealing with, and sorting out how I’m getting around.

I will be using the Greyhound service, a decision that has prompted a sort of bewildered horror in most. Lots of awful stories cropping up from the usual babies crying to public oral sex, and it’s true that only recently there was a rather grisly affair in Canada…

But I mean, that’s Canada. Comparative savages. Americans are far more reasonable. Right?

Still, car rental costs are prohibitively high – a fact my parents are somewhat relieved about, I think. Amtrak is limited and apparently more expensive whilst being of similar or worse quality. So it rather seems I have no choice. Greyhound it is. Maybe I’ll get some good anecdotes.

Maybe I’ll get a DS.

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