Rainy days in Georgia

Hello all,

JonXP – whose daughter calls me ‘Fwippy’, by the way – took me on a grand tour of the sights of Atlanta today. However, I am off out to sample the nightlife with Aneurhythmia and Sara Lynn, so I’ve no time to stop and post today. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. In the meantime, have some photos:







Write-up tomorrow!

– Fwippy

1 Response to “Rainy days in Georgia”

  1. 1 Ant 24/07/2009 at 4:55 pm

    “Fwippy”? If I was any good at drawing, I would be blasting down some weird-ass, anthropomorphic frog with possibly some funky hopping-across-America slogan. Or a small story perhaps?

    “Fwippy was a simple small town frog, with a big dream…”

    Ooooh, that’s stimulated the ol’ creative juices!

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