Blue Ridge Mountains

Ahh… Fleet Foxes.

Anyway, today was mostly a driving day, so there’s not that much to tell. Coasting down the highway populated equally with churches and strip joints, West Virginian territory gave way to her fairer sister. Job and I arranged to meet Diannao halfway, at Staunton. More on that in a sec. To make a day of it, we decided to drop by the Luray Caverns on the way.

I link the site because my camera is sorely underequipped to deal with that sort of environment, so I don’t have any photos myself. They’re great caverns, though: vast and deep, with over a mile’s worth of walking and some truly spectacular sights, chief of which to me was a large, shallow pool that is so still that at first your eyes don’t catch the ceiling’s reflection; it seems just a pit with stalagmites in. Then something might drip, or the placid surface ripple at some disturbance, and suddenly the exquisiteness of the illusion is made clear. Other notable features included several impressive, millenia-old formations, and an organ that had been wired to ‘play’ carefully-selected stalegtites – the largest musical instrument in the world.

We drove through the very pretty scenery to Staunton, where we met Diannao and had some burgers at a place called ‘5 guys’; a classic American diner. Good stuff. From there, more driving on to Roanoke, and here I am at another house. Tomorrow I move on to Knoxville.

1 Response to “Blue Ridge Mountains”

  1. 1 Arminas 22/07/2009 at 10:20 am

    You mean ‘5 Guys Burger sand Fries’? 😀

    They definitely the bright red plastic and chrome feel of a diner, too bad they don’t have shakes or breakfast items. 😦 They just lack the real menu of a diner. But still a pretty good burger!

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