Yes, Virginia

What a lovely day.

It was super-hot in Philadelphia, and super-humid in DC (we were startled at the feet of Abe by a 10-second storm), but West Virginia today afforded temperatures ranging in the mid-twenties, English style. Held not unwillingly in the concrete fists of cities so far, I today got back in touch with some more natural surroundings. Job, who sports some rather roguish, vaguely intimidating stubble and looks somewhat like a swashbuckler in training, drove me out to Harper’s Ferry, which is on a wide, sweeping river. The place was full to capacity and the road down had actually been sealed off, but we found parking a ways further up the road and made our own way down to the water’s edge, where there was almost nobody (a much superior option, I think). The water is very shallow until a sudden plunge in the middle, and so we left our shoes on the rocks and picked our way as far out as we dared. All very bucolic. Also very bright, so apologies if these photos aren’t the best.

Hi-res pictures will be uploaded and linked to at a later-date =)

After an hour or so there we trekked back to the car, then scaled a nearby mountain until we hit an outcrop a few hundred meters up. The view was a little hazy, but still expansive. Driving back, we stopped off at the Washington Memorial – the very first built to him, yet somehow still only constructed in the 1930’s – which gave us our last great views of the day, surveying the surrounding valley right until the fields rolled up against the distant mountains.


A good day. Slow, relaxing, and another few things I would have never have found without the hospitality of the people here.

1 Response to “Yes, Virginia”

  1. 1 Dylan 19/07/2009 at 3:13 pm

    That last picture is remarkably English doesn’t it?

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