This is a public service announcement

Nelson Mandela once said: “You have never truly known a country until you have been inside its gaols”. They might have to extend that to hospitals.

Hi everyone. If you’ve been watching my twitter feed you’ll know I was taken pretty ill over the last couple of days. What started out as a small cough suddenly got a lot nastier and effectively knocked me out around midday yesterday halfway though Baltimore aquarium – effective sleeping with the fishes, I suppose. SirToons and his mum have been absolute champions and really gone well out of their way to help me out, and I can’t thank them enough. Ms. SirToons is a nurse and feared I may have had strep throat, so earlier today I was driven to the hospital she works at and given a series of tests. It all checked out, thankfully, and apart from some just-in-case prescriptions including vicodin, I was given the all-clear. This is good, as although I’m hypochondriac, I do know that swine flu isn’t all talk and that airports are sometimes the equivalent of a bouncy castle comprised of used needles.

It’s true that I wasn’t particularly expecting for my first ever visit to a hospital (at least as a patient) to be in America, but I’m glad I had such generous backup at my side.

Speaking of generosity, I better expand on those lost blogging days! Nailbunny and his girlfriend couldn’t have given me a better welcome to the country, and somehow managed to deal with the arrivals of both myself and a new puppy in the same day. Yesterday saw NB drive me down to Baltimore, where we visited the aforementioned aquarium, which even in my slightly delirious state I found to be a lot of fun. By the end, however, I was really dropping, and I don’t think I got the chance to fully show my appreciation to my first hosts. So, to you two, thank you once again.

Today’s intended trip to DC obviously had to be abandoned, but I hope to have recovered sufficiently enough by tomorrow to spend a decent amount of time in the Capital before catching the train to West Virginia. Here’s to a good night’s sleep, and no more illnesses!

Though I guess a hospital wrist tag is kind of a neat souvenir.

2 Responses to “This is a public service announcement”

  1. 1 PatboyX 17/07/2009 at 11:35 am

    Baltimore makes me feel the same way.

    Listen: I had a run in with Swine Flu but I didn’t get any Vicodin out of the deal.
    Lucky bastard.

  2. 2 Livy 20/07/2009 at 4:47 am

    Just as long as you don’t have a hospital wrist tag as your souvenir from EVERY state…

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